High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Every SEO expert knows the importance of backlinks to rank a website on top of search engine result page. Social bookmarking is the famous and oldest way of link building that helps the website to rank on top of search engine result page. High PR social bookmarking sites helps to increase the quality backlinks on your site. High PR social bookmarking sites allow you to classify and locate resources on the internet easily. There are many off page activities like social bookmarking, but social bookmarking is very effective. It is a valuable factor to increase the backlink on the website.

What is social bookmarking

In Social bookmarking, users can search, manage, organize, and store useful web content by submitting website and webpage link and can share with others. You can access your bookmarks online at any time, from any device as social bookmarking sites are web-based services.

Here is a list of some best high PR social bookmarking sites. These high PR social bookmarking sites will help you to improve your website’s ranking. 

1https://www.reddit.com 9190
2 https://www.tumblr.com/ 88100
4https://www.instapaper.com 8570
5https://www.diigo.com 8974
6https://www.pearltrees.com 8770
8https://mix.com 8258
9www.clickone.co.in 2143
10http://www.bookmarkinghost.info/ 1647
11https://www.google.com/bookmarks 10080
12http://www.folkd.com 6167
13https://www.bibsonomy.org 5161
14https://links.wikitechguru.com 3845
15https://links.wikitechguru.com 5459
16http://www.only2clicks.com/home.php 4439
17http://www.whitelinks.com/ 2349
18https://slashdot.org/ 9175
20http://sqworl.com/ 4853
21http://www.mobile.ipt.pw/ 3844
22http://www.desktop.ipt.pw/ 3846
23http://www.laptop.ipt.pw/ 3844
24http://www.web-services.ipt.pw/ 3845
25http://www.php.ipt.pw/ 3844
26http://www.java.ipt.pw/ 3844
27http://www.javascript.ipt.pw/ 3844
28http://www.perl.ipt.pw/ 3845
29http://www.python.ipt.pw/ 3844
30http://www.haskell.ipt.pw/ 3844
31http://www.coldfusion.ipt.pw/ 3845
32https://www.fark.com/ 7367
33http://www.akonter.com/ 3854
34http://findnerd.com/ 4544
35https://www.cheezburger.com/ 8863
36https://medium.com/ 9680
37https://www.postmydeal.com/ 1723
39http://www.4mark.net/ 3444
40http://www.sitejot.com/ 4257
41http://www.ezyspot.com/ 3351
42http://www.bookmark4you.com/ 3956
43https://www.aboogy.com/ 2849
44https://www.updatesee.com/ 2745
45https://www.thebaynet.com/ 5956
46https://www.minds.com/ 8866
47https://onmogul.com/ 6756
48http://www.plerb.com/ 4356
49https://www.techsite.io/ 4445
50https://www.plurk.com/ 8870